Sunday Brunch: Teasmith on the Telly!

Teasmith on the Telly! 

Just when you think you are having the best Summer ever, you wind up on Channel 4 in the classiest of fashions... We have been all over Aberdeenshire recently enjoying lots of gincredible events, tippling Teasmith for one and all and we have loved every moment of it, but nothing and I mean nothing, beats the first time your creation appears on the telly. So whilst many of you were snoozing and enjoying a lazy Sunday morning, we were up bright and early, watching our very own Teasmith Gin make it's TV debut on Channel 4's Sunday Brunch whilst thinking to ourselves, "Is this actually happening?" 

Celebrate Good Times

Seeing as we are living our best life at The Teasmith HQ, all orders placed on our website before 2nd September will be entered into a competition to win a second bottle. Send it to a friend because sharing's caring, or send it to yourself because quite frankly, you deserve it.

Teasmith Scottish Gin

What Folk Had to Say

'Congratulations on your TV debut and what a great offer for anyone looking to place an order of the The Teasmith Gin' - Gin & Doric **Link to Gin & Doric**

'Congratulations on the fantastic review on Channel 4's Sunday Brunch'

'Our great friends just got raving reviews on Channel 4's Sunday Brunch. Follow them or go to and buy their delicious gin' - The Rochdale Herald

and perhaps one of the coolest Teasmith moments ever...

'Would love to try some' - Tinchy Stryder (actual Tinchy Stryder)... 

Tinchy Strider wants The Teasmith

The Ceylon Cooler

'Cocktails are like a present you give to yourself'

We have been seriously blushing with all of this amazing feedback. This last week has been a complete whirlwind and I often find that the best way to relax when things get slightly ginsane, is with a tasty Teasmith cocktail. Seeing as many of you have been asking how Olivier Ward made the Ceylon Cooler, we have the below recipe, courtesy of Gin Foundry. Go on, treat yourself...

25ml Lemon Juice
25ml Honey Water (a tablespoon of honey into boiling water works perfectly)
75ml Teasmith Gin
25ml Tea
100ml of Aromatic Tonic Water

Adjust to taste and garnish with rose and mint and you have yourself the perfect Teasmith cooler.

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