Nick at the Strathearn Distillery ScotlandOUR GIN DISTILLATION PROCESS

Proudly distilled in Scotland, we selected Strathearn Distillery as our production partner.  Following time honoured methods and with meticulous care, we distil our carefully chosen ingredients in traditional copper alembic stills.  Our distillation process is a two-stage method.  We distill the tea leaves separately to the other botanicals.  Having been left to steep in alcohol, we gently apply heat to the still and begin to capture the complex flavours that our tea leaves release.  Beginning with soft floral notes, the flavour profile changes as the temperature rises, offering at first a bold, blood orange taste, and finally a distinct and lingering, minty sweetness.
Our other more classic gin botanicals are distilled collectively, placed in a vapour basket in the head of the still. The alcohol vapours do the work here, carefully extracting all the flavours to create a lighter tasting spirit.  This is then blended with the tea distillate to create a memorable gin that is both delicate and sweetly warming on the palate, enjoyable neat on ice or in a carefully crafted cocktail.


The Teasmith Original was created to be a quintessential classic dry style of gin.  To marry with the soft floral and citrus notes of Ceylon tea, nine other botanicals were chosen to give the spirit its unique flavour.  Below are our main botanicals and their distinctive characteristics.

Juniper Berries Botanical

Intense and complex

Juniper berries delight the tastebuds with an assortment of wonderful contradictions. Bitter yet fresh, sharp yet herbaceous, our foraged juniper imparts a complex flavour that inspires curiosity in even the most discerning gin connoisseurs. 

 Pure Liquorice Root
Sweet and salty

Harvested in the summertime, pure liquorice root cuts through the bold flavour of juniper berries with its peppery heat. Its natural sweetness is juxtaposed with its salty aftertaste, providing depth and interest. It's liquorice root that gives our gin its slightly viscous texture.

Liquorice Root Botanical

Orange Peel Botanical

Orange Peel
Fresh and zesty

After being left to slowly dry, orange peels release their warm and bright citrus flavours, with sweet oils extracted at an early stage of the distilling process. Fresh, juicy and zesty, orange peel brings a vibrance and purity to our gin.

Nutty and spicy

Coriander seeds are gently steeped to slowly release their characteristic nutty flavour. Spicy in nature, coriander also contributes floral and citrus notes, with deliciously moreish results.

Coriander Seed Botanical
Angelica Root Botanical

Angelica Root
Earthy and musky

Unassuming Angelica Root works quietly in the background to bring harmony to all our ingredients. While subtle in flavour, refined palettes will notice the woody flavour this botanical brings to our gin, as well as the slight dryness it creates. 

Hand-Picked Tea
Refreshing and minty

The jewel in The Teasmith's crown, hand-picked Ceylon tea is used to create a delicate and minty drinking experience. We use only the finest authentic Ceylon tea in our gin, sourced from exceptional Sri Lankan growers. Naturally light and sweet, hand-picked tea provides our gin with a palette-cleansing finish.

Ceylon Tea Botanical

Grains of Paradise Botanical

Grains of Paradise
Fragrant and piquant

Members of the ginger family, Grains of Paradise are a well-kept secret amongst speciality distillers. We use this heavenly botanical to intensify our gin; their distinctive spiced flavour lingers long after you’ve taken your final sip. 

The Teasmith is a truly unique gin, characterised by its clarity, simplicity and confidence.