Teasmith Nick and Emma

 Our Story

With a long held love for gin, we were encouraged by the emerging craft gin movement, and in 2015, decided to embark on our own journey to create truly bespoke spirits. Seeking inspiration from our surroundings in rural Aberdeenshire, we made a surprising discovery that linked our corner of Scotland with the beginnings of the 19th century tea trade in Sri Lanka. In 1867, a gentleman called James Taylor from Auchenblae planted the very first tea plantation there, beginning a process that would turn the island into one of the world’s finest tea-growing regions.
Keen to craft a gin that spoke of our local heritage, we set about sourcing a Sri Lankan tea for our gin’s key botanical. Working closely with tea consultant, Beverley-Claire Wainwright, we selected a very special tea from the island’s Amba Estate. Hand-picked and hand-rolled just as James Taylor would have nurtured his first batches 150 years ago, this unique tea offered a complex flavour profile upon distillation that was perfect for our requirements and The Teasmith Gin was born.

We are passionate about creating authentic spirits selecting only the finest ingredients.  We will only ever release products we love to drink ourselves and we are huge advocates of supporting local business.  Our products have been crafted as the perfect treat for yourself or someone special.  We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.