Ceylon tea from Sri Lanka

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The Teasmith has worked with tea consultant Beverly-Claire Wainwright to source a truly unique Ceylon tea.  Grown at an elevation of over 1000m and nestled in a small valley above the Ravana Ella Waterfalls overlooking Ella Rock and Lipton Seat, this hand-rolled tea from Amba Estate offers something truly different.  A rare tea that has been developed with meticulous care, using only the finest leaf and bud, to create rich aromatic flavours.  Production is tiny and is made entirely by hand without machinery in the same way that James Taylor produced his very first batches of tea 150 years ago.

Amba Estate was chosen not only by Beverly's recommendation for the tea itself but also for its ethos.  It remains a working organic farm that produces a range of artisanal teas, coffees, spices and preserves.  Most importantly, the owners work with the local community to support a variety of educational, economic and environmental initiatives.