Meet The Teasmith

Who is the ‘The Teasmith’?

The Teasmith has a passion for the best things in life - the sound an ice cube makes when it drops from that perfect height, the tart freshness of a post-work G&T and the floral tones you get from the steam of a high-quality tea.

The Teasmith is a curator, a creator and a master of taste.

Meet Nick, ‘The Teasmith’

Over the past few years I have witnessed a renaissance of my favourite spirit - an ever-expanding array of stories, flavour profiles and serve garnishes have been prominent as a way to find that unique angle all gin brands need. Having seen the emergence of these brands across Scotland, the most inspirational established their profiles through a compelling story and use of botanicals.

Based in Udny, Aberdeenshire, we were compelled to add our own mark on the sector and create a gin that was capable of standing out in this crowded market, the ‘Teasmith’ concept is inspired by a largely unknown fact - the rich heritage tale that links the Aberdeenshire area with the tea trade.

From ships delivering tea into the bustling Newburgh trading port to famous Tea Clippers being produced by shipbuilders, Aberdeen and the surrounding Shire has a deeply shared history with the international tea trade. This is a story of master craftsmen, inspired partnerships and beautifully curated flavours, real ‘craft’ and excellence.

Many don’t realise that it was a young man from the North East of Scotland who planted the very first tea plantation in Sri Lanka. Known as the ‘Father of Ceylon Tea’, James Taylor broke new ground and begun a process that transformed the island into one of the finest tea growing regions in the world.

The story of ‘The Teasmith’ was waiting to be told and with Tea as the key botanical, we had an incredible opportunity to tell it. The Teasmith - Scotland’s first Gin distilled with Tea - was born.

Discover more about our tea botanical here.

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