The Teasmith and Tonic: A Perfect Serve

The Perfect Teasmith Serve

We are enjoying the best Summer ever at The Teasmith HQ, which is the perfect excuse for a G & T in the evening's sun. Although, who really needs an excuse to tipple Teasmith?! We have some really creative ways of serving our premium gin which we will soon be sharing. In the meantime, it's about time we all perfected the classic Tea & T serve. Mr Nick Smalley, (The Teasmith) and co-founder has stepped up to share his insider knowledge with all of you gin-thusiasts. Some things in life should just be common knowledge.

To really emphasise our careful blend of botanicals and hand-picked tea, this is how you should be pouring The Teasmith & Tonic. 

The Teasmith Perfect Serve

Ginstructions for the perfect T & T (Teasmith & Tonic) 

Stay Glassy
Grab your go-to gin glassware. An old-fashioned cocktail glass is perfect for this but you can use whatever takes your fancy.

Just Chill
You don't need to chill your glass before pouring, but your serve will be even more refreshing if you do. Fill the glass with ice for a minute or two whilst you prep your gin-gredients. Tip the ice out when you're ready to get pouring.

Ice Ice Baby
Scoop a few ice cubes into your glass and no more, as this will weaken your flavour and potentially overflow your glass. We do cry over spilt gin.

You're Mint
The Teasmith and fresh mint are a match made in heaven which begs the question, what did we actually do before we knew that mint went well with tea and tea went well with gin? Pop a sprig of fresh mint into your glass, in prep for the hefty measure that is about to follow.

Double Trouble
Double that measure. Because what else would you do...?

Super Tonic
The perfect serve ratio of tonic water to gin is 3:1 or 4:1. We recommend regular Fever Tree tonic or Walter Gregor tonic water as a local option. Add this to the gin, ice and mint (notice how gin came first?) Priorities.

And that, my friends, is how you serve the classic Teasmith and tonic. If you would prefer to see a little video of Nick making the serve then we have added it below. Many thanks to The Gin Cooperateive for shooting this for us. 


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